Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Official Blog

Welcome to my first official blog entry for my new website, Faces By Whitney. It's been a long time coming. I am so excited to have a place to share my current events, experiences, products, opinions, tips and tricks. With my first blog, I thought that I would share a little more about myself and why I chose this industry.

I have been fascinated with makeup and hair ever since I can remember. As far back as Elementary School I was having sleep overs with all my little friends just to play in my mom's makeup and brush and style each other's hair. In Middle School, I made the Cheerleading Squad and before the football and basketball games, I would get all the girls ready by doing their makeup and hair. By High School, I had the nickname "Makeup Queen" and was constantly asked to provide Makeup & Hair for Prom, Homecoming, Graduation, Senior Pictures, and even being the official Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for our Prom Fashion Show my Junior and Senior Year. After Graduation I decided to attend Cosmetology School so I enrolled at Volunteer Beauty Academy in Nashville, Tennessee. I also received additional experience by working as Beauty Consultant and Makeup Artist for a cosmetic company in the mall.

Today, I am a freelance Professional Makeup Artist, Hair & Wardrobe Stylist. I got the business name "Faces By Whitney" from my mom and it has just stuck with me ever since. I absolutely LOVE what I do and thank God everyday for giving me the strength to follow my dreams. I have had the most amazing experiences and just helping people feel beautiful is the best feeling in the world. I wake up each day excited to see what "NEW" Job is in store for me next.

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to "THANK" the following people for their support, ability and for such an amazing experience. They helped me build my portfolio and were all very Professional. I am very proud of my work and without the help of these individuals, I would not be where I am today!

* Amax 615 Agency (Rachel & Ashlee)

* Abbott Photography (
* Chuck Willis Photography (
* Derek Wayne Lee Photography (
* Carter Studios Photography (
* Krystal Muellenberg Photography (
* Kate Crafton Photography (
* Amanda Van Sandt Photography (
* Kirk Farmer Photography (
* Amy Rich Photography (

* Shay H.
* Mindy M.
* Kaity N.
* Magen K.
* Crystal S.
* Sarah B.
* Tiffany B.
* Heather W.
* Rebekah
* Adrian C. (Miss Liberty 2008)
* Lauren G. (Miss Tennessee 2006)
* Jordyn (Amax Model)
* Rachel (Amax Model)
* Sarah A. (Amax Model)
* Katie (Amax Model)
* Brynne (Amax Model)
* Andrew (Amax Model)

* Kaci Bolls (signed with RGK Records)
* Sarah Lee Andrews (not signed yet)
* Gloriana (signed with Emblem Records) includes:
- Cheyenne Kimball (from MTV)
- Rachel Reinert
- Tom Gossin
- Mike Gossin

* Dayna Koop
* Marian Sobecki
* Kate Crafton
* Holly Hicks
* Ashley Dawson
* Brittany Shaw
* Erin Briggs
* Jessica Winn

Hope you all stay tuned...There is tons of more getting to know me. Until next time...

Favorite Weekly Quote:
"Taking joy in life is a woman's best cosmetic."

Whitney Lowe


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Jessica said...

Hey Whitney! It's awesome that you've got a blog now. I look forward to reading it!